Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bout of Books Read-A-Thon & TBR sorta

So I've already said that I'm going to be participating in the Bout of Books Read-A-Thon from August 19th through August 25th.  As of right now my TBR for the Read-A-Thon isn't set because it starts the day I get back from vacation so I can't see my bookshelf right now!  I do have a general idea of what I want to read though.  Recently I decided to read the Harry Potter series since I have only read the first three and I was in second grade.  When I read them for some reason I just wasn't hooked on them.  Unfortunately since second grade I have seen every single Harry Potter movie except for Part 2 of the Deathly Hallows.  None the less I still plan on reading all of the books.  Yesterday I finished the first one on my kindle and downloaded the second.  So to start off my TBR for the rest of sumer vacation is:

1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
5. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I may or may not read these in succession, but I plan on waiting for the Read-A-Thon to start the second book.  On vacation I brought with me a handful of books, some of which I have read.  The ones I read are:

Belle - Cameron Dokey
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland on a Ship of Her Own Making - Catherynne M. Valente

Sad/Frustrating airport story time!  I was in the airport with my family waiting for my flight and it got delayed... for an hour and a half.  Now I know a lot of you are thinking only an hour and a half that's no big deal!  But I had a connection flight from Minneapolis to Kalispell.  Now Kalispell is a very small town in Montana,  there's only two flights form Minneapolis to Kalispell each day.  Due to our delayed departure we missed out flight by an hour.  The next flight wasn't until 9:45 the next night.  So we had 24 hours until our flight... what to do what to do.  Luckily the hotel provided us with transportation and hotel vouchers so that wasn't a problem.  The next day we decided that since we're in Minneapolis we might as well go to the Mall of America.  For those of you who don't know the Mall of America is the largest Mall in America and it has an amusement park inside.  So my brother and I spent the morning going on roller-coasters and other rides and then after lunch we wandered around the mall with our parents.  Lo and behold, we stumbled across a Barnes & Noble and I convinced my parents to let me buy a few books.  This Barnes & Noble was much bigger than the one in my hometown so I was really excited that it would have some books I had been looking for.  I was only allowed to buy three books because I had to put them in my carry-on for the flight so I chose my books wisely.  I had been dying to get my hands on all three of these books and as I soon as I got them I started to tear through them.  The first book I got was The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.  I read that book the whole flight even though it was the middle of the night and we were flying through a thunderstorm.  The second book was Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.  As soon as I finished The 5th Wave I picked this one up.  The third and final book was Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins with the new cover!  I had been looking for this book but I could only find Lola and the Boy Next Door but never Anna and I am so excited to read this book and it's the next book I'm picking up.

Some other books I brought with me on vacation but haven't read yet are:

Dani Noir - Nova Ren Suma
Beauty Sleep - Cameron Dokey
Invisibility - Andrea Cremer & David Levithan
Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins

I am thrilled to read all of these books and can't wait for the Read-A-Thon.  I will re-update my TBR when I get home and can actually give you a list.

In the words of Popeye, "That's all I can stands, 'cuz I can't stands no more!"

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