Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy is a six-book series written by Richelle Mead.  It focuses on the dhampir Rose and the Moroi vampire she guards, Lissa.  Rose and Lissa had been living on the run for two years after escaping Vampire Academy, the school for vampire and their guardians, when they are found and taken back.  Once they return to the school mysterious things start happening, and it is up to Rose to protect Lissa at all costs.  But Rose has an advantage most other dhampirs don't have: she's shadow-kissed.

This book is different from other vampire books because vampires are not immortal, they age as humans do and can be killed as humans do; at least the Moroi do.  The Strigoi are vampires that become immortal when they purposefully kill a human while feeding.  The vampire then becomes immortal but their personality also becomes more vain and sadistic and they can no longer walk in sunlight.

There's lots of action in this book, but most of it is Rose training to be a Guardian and protect Lissa.  There's lots of typical high school drama, with the Royals being the popular girls and Lissa and Rose trying their best to stay out of the spotlight.  And when someone starts spreading horrible rumors about Rose, Lissa will stop at nothing to stop the rumors and get revenge.  There is also romance, as there is in most young adult novels.  Lissa develops feelings for a boy who is shunned by their society because his parents became Stigoi, and Rose falls for her training instructor: another dhampir and a forbidden relationship.

Rose is extremely loyal to Lissa; she always has Lissa’s safety in mind.  Even when they have a falling out, and Lissa refuses to speak to Rose, when Lissa gets into danger Rose is right there to rescue her.  Rose doesn’t feel obligated to protect Lissa, she wants to because they are such good friends.

This was definitely an exciting book, and I blew through it pretty fast.  If you're a fan of vampire books or the paranormal genre in general I definitely recommend this book.  Added bonus, this series is being turned into films and the first one, Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, comes out in February!

See you on Wednesday where I will talk about some novellas!  Leaving you with a quote from Vampire Academy: “Only a true best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies.”  Now go read it!
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